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50-FC-2700-TR - 2700 Foot Cycle 20" Front Wheel with Tractor Seat

2700 Foot Cycle 20" Front Wheel Single or Seven Speed with Tractor Seat.
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2700 Foot Cycle 20 Wheel with Single or Seven Speed and Tractor Seat

#50-FC-2700 20 Inch Wheel Single or Seven Speed with a Tractor Seat

The 2700 Series was developed to satisfy the requests of therapists who were seeking a cycle for higher functioning riders needing the full support provided by a wide wheelbase and stability of a tricycle. These tricycles are intended for use with teens/ adults with disabilities or to provide mobility and exercise opportunities for teens and adults/seniors. The low step through frame makes transfer safe and easy. The Safety steering lock pin allows control for steering: straight, 20 degrees right/left, or free steering.  Seating options and accessories can adapt these trykes for a wide range of riders and abilities.
Leg Length (Inseam to bottom of shoe) 27-32 inches
Seat to Floor 29-33 inches

Tractor Seat
The tractor saddle seat provides a large contoured area for stable seating. The tractor seat on the 2700 Series models will need a rear support bar.
19" Length support bar for riders 5'1" to 5'5"
23" Length support bar for riders 5'4" to 5'8"

26" Length support bar for riders 5'7" and up

2700 Series 2701

  • Single speed free wheel hub
  • 20 inch front and rear wheels

2700 Series 2707

  • Seven speed Shimano
  • 20 inch front and rear wheels

Standard Features

  • Step-through frame for easy transfer on to tryke
  • Steering lock pin for three graduated steering positions: straight, 20-degrees left/right, free steering
  • Side pull caliber brake with built in lock for easy transfer of rider
  • Features both front caliber brake and rear band brake
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Large wire basket
  • Bell
  • Safety helmet included
  • Assembly required
  • Riders height 60 67 inches

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