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30-50-0305 - Push Bar with Bracket

Push Bar W/Bracket for AM-10, 1410, AM-12Small, AM-12,  AM-16, ProSeries 1412, 1416, and 1420 and 1420XL. However, we recomend this part only to replace the (discontinued) AM-9 Push Bar if needed. (AM Series, 1410 and 1412 come standard with Rear Steering that can be converted to a Push Bar. If you need one for a larger bike see the Heavy Duty Push Bar as a better option. It is also better for use with either of the Notched Snappy Seat Bottoms.)

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Push Bar - Aluminum 2 piece

Optimal height for use of push bar is 36 inches from handgrip to ground. The push bar is used only for assisting in movement of the AmTryke therapeutic tricycle. It is designed to save parents or therapists from bending over when assisting a rider on the tryke. It is not intended to provide leverage for raising or lifting the tryke. Installation of the push bar on the rear frame of the AmTryke is with a  bracket for either Snappy, AM-12 and AM-16 OR the ProSeries models. Please select the model of tryke for correct mounting bracket.

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