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Hand/ Foot Cycles
AmTryke Therapeutic Hand and Foot Cycles AM-10, AM-12S, AM-12 & AM-16

The Hand and Foot AmTrykes are intended to stimulate recipocal movement and increase range of motion. They offer four way adjustable seating that moves up/ddown and forward/back to adjust for a variety of rider sizes. Includes a safety steering limiter pin for parnetal control. Foot plates feature a hell trap, with toe and instep trap, to secure rider's feet to the pedals. A loading lock allows safe and easy rider transfer. Choose from a variety of seating options and accessories that hlep riders to feel safe and secure.

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50-HFC-0110 - AM-12 Small

AM-12 Small Hand and Foot cycle fits those riders transitioning between the AM-10 and AM-12.

Price: $849.00
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AM-12S , AM-12 & AM-16
AM-12S , AM-12 & AM-16

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